Firm Profile

Founded in 2000, Strategic Tax & Business Solutions Inc. (STBS) quickly earned a reputation for providing our clients with outstanding customer service as well as providing each of those clients with a core set of essential services specifically designed to ensure they maintain a distinct operating advantage.

Although the business environment around Strategic has changed significantly in the past few years, our mission has remained the same: to ensure that each of our clients always has access to the latest business, tax and accounting advice that will allow them to protect and manage their assets more profitably.

Our team of tax and business strategists are experienced in all aspects of tax planning, accounting, return preparation and many other valuable client services, which we have tailored to your specific business and industry.

Our tax strategists are focused on your account and your type of business. You can count on having a seasoned professional available to assist you at all times. By doing so, we have eliminated the number one complaint business owners have about their accountants - availability.

Strategic Tax & Business Solutions Inc. is committed to providing close, personal attention to each of our business clients. Our annual pre-paid service package ensures that you will receive year-round tax and accounting assistance whenever and wherever you need it; you can count on it.