Three Year Historical Review

By reviewing your past three years tax returns, financial statements, and Notices of Assessment, our team of tax specialist develop a keen sense of where you have been, where you are at, and how best to approach your short and long term goals. This three year analysis also provides us with the opportunity to examine your past accounting practices, check for errors and omissions, and to make corrections and revisions, all in an effort to identify future tax savings. Should a more in-depth analysis be indicated your STBS tax strategist would discuss this matter with you.

The associated client benefit

Knowing where a business has been, and how it got to its present position is essential information required to plan for the future. An in-depth review of our clients' past three years tax returns, financial statements, and assessment notices provides us with a look back in time. This analysis allows us to check for accounting errors and oversights, options that may have been missed, assets categorized incorrectly, and other important information that will help in our over all tax planning strategy.