Team Oriented Tax & Business Approach

The Associated Client Benefit

The Federal Tax Act is far too complex to rely on any one individual to provide the right answers all of the time. Our extensive network of tax and business professionals are ready to assist you no matter what situation you are in. This team oriented approach ensures that you receive the right answers, at the right time, every time.

With well over seven thousand pages, the Canadian Tax Act has become far too complex and difficult for the average business owner to understand. This applies to one-man accounting and tax preparation firms as well. The age of specialization is upon us and is nowhere more evident than in the accounting/preparation field. By way of strong associated alliances, STBS is able to offer our clients a level of expertise normally only available through large national accounting firms. Our team of Estate Planning Specialists, Tax Strategists, Accountants and Bookkeepers bring a wealth of real world experience and expertise right to our clients’ doorstep.